Magic Cube 240 -

Magic Cube 240

position CLOSED

When closed, it is an extremely compact object that concentrates all its éléments in a cube of 240x240x240 cm, its minimum dimension. Its height lets integrate it in every kind of life space or historical house, etc.

position OPEN

Cubomagico240 offers a wide workspace of 7 x 8 meters (56 sqm):
– a meeting room / vidéo conférence
– two tables / desks + one support table
– a long high table

The cube comfortably reaches a capacity of 14/18 workstations, also alternating with moments of use and pleasure than can be progressively developed according to a growing configuration.

An evolving and dynamic element that changes its shape to meet the individual needs of each specific time, in a continuous metamorphosis of forms and relationships, building a landscape that opens, delimits, defines areas, modalities and working conditions according to a spontaneous, empathic and functional relationship.


The sequence of the positions defines the workspace to meet the specific needs, the number of people, the kinds of relationships and meetings, the moment of the day. A chronotopic system that changes the use but also the perception of the space lived through the dynamic metamorphosis of CM240.


Cubomagico240 can be personalised thanks to a choice of finishes among an infinite range of materials, including the ones presented here:

  • Natural wood oak
  • Metal coating
  • Staygreen ecomalta© corrugated cardboard
  • Felt

«Today a free and fluid space is defined as the condition not only to match the new technological society but at the same time as a potential creative condition in the search of permanent innovation.»
— Alfonso Femia —



Alfonso Femia has been developing from ten years, within the Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia (formerly 5+1AA), a research on the “right to matter” that let him, these last years, create a dialog on the thème of light, ceramic, wood, concrete, glass, cellulose…
He collaborates with many firms like iGuzzini, Castaldi Lighting, Martinelli Luce, Erco, Artemide, Poltrona Frau, Atanor, Merotto Milani, London Art, Stylecomp, Xilo1930, Samsung, Staygreen, etc.

AF*DESIGN is a project team opened who sets up the founding principle of the Atelier(s) Femia: “the project as a dialog tool”, “the matter as a project tool”.

Alessandro Bellus, Luca Bonsignorio, Simonetta Cenci, Marco Corazza, Sara Gottardo, Alfonso Femia, Mattia Femia, Fabio Marchiori, Enrico Martino, Carola Picasso, Silvia Perego


A new sustainable design concept was born from the meeting of creativity and modernity. Thanks to a rigorous research and the respect of nature, our design is elaborated with STRUCTURED CELLULOSE (KS56) made of mixed percentages of wood fibers, recycled paper and natural stones, whose coating is finished in SOLID GREEN, a technique patented by Staygreen that entirely meets the conformity requirements to make it an ecological product.
A vision of design inspired by the aesthetic values and the profound acknowledgement of matter which represents the production philosophy of Staygreen. Thanks to a continuous quality control, the Italian design, the respect of sustainability requirements and the attention paid to the details, Staygreen is a perfect exemple of the Made in Italy.

Stefano Foffano, Mauro Marcenta

fellow travelers

The fellow travelers of the Cubo Magico 240 project are the firms who dialog with passion and desire with AF*Design and provide the high-quality components thanks to which we reached a top-of-the-range result and this, for any configuration chosen.
Special thanks to: Castaldi Lighting, iGuzzini, Simonswerk, Vimar e Videoworks / Samsung.

The workplace of the future will reverse the trend : the percentage of static, fixed and unchanging spaces will be reduced whereas a majority of dynamic and changing spaces will appear, so as the radicalization of an articulated and variable space leant or declined in one or more core elements, like the point of anchoring. There will be precise rules in the future and the three types of spaces – static, dynamic (friendly), creative (chronotopic) – will mingle to take a form and an identity each time depending on the person that represents them.

– Alfonso Femia –



January 19th — 23th, 2018

January 19th — 23th, 2018

On the occasion of Maison&Objet (Paris), the cubomagico240 will be available as a rest place, a workplace or simply to recharge your battery. Come and meet us in the 5A Hall!

21 — 22 november 2017

21 — 22 november 2017

The Cubomagico240 will be exposed for the first time in France during Revolution@Work, an international platform for the work of tomorrow, at the congress center of Cœur Défense in Paris.

4 — 9 april 2017

4 — 9 april 2017

Cubomagico240 is designed and presented for the installation A Joyful Sense at Work during the Workplace3.0 biennale, at the Design Week 2017 in Fiera Milano.



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